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Sinus Elevation

Sinuses are empty channels behind the cheek and above the upper teeth in your jaw. Some of the roots of the teeth extend up into these spaces. When those teeth are removed, sometimes there is only a thin wall of bone left separating the sinus and the mouth.  This bone may not be a substantial enough base in which to place a dental implant.

A sinus lift is surgery that adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of your molars and premolars. It’s sometimes called a sinus augmentation. The bone is added between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses, which are on either side of your nose. To make room for the bone, the sinus membrane has to be moved upward, or “lifted.” A sinus lift usually is done by a specialist.

This could be either an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a Periodontist. Implant placement can occur at the same surgical procedure (immediate placement) or following a healing period of 6 to 9 months (delayed placement).

sinus elevation

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